Vegan woman goes buk-buk-berserk, crashes car into chicken truck

The truck was on its way to a processing plant

An enthusiastic — and tipsy — animal advocate allegedly told authorities that she intentionally plowed into a chicken truck because she is vegan.

WXIA reported on Thursday that Judith Moriah Armstrong, 26, of Comer, Georgia, was in her four-door red car when she intentionally hit a truck twice on Highway 72. Items recovered at the crash scene, particularly a license plate, helped authorities locate Armstrong.

The Associated Press reports that Madison County police located the red vehicle at the 26-year-old’s home. Armstrong, who refused to leave her house without a warrant, supposedly told cops through a window that she fled the scene because she was afraid she would lose her license—and she rammed the chicken truck because she was committed to the vegan lifestyle.

Though Armstrong said she did not consume alcohol before the crash, she admitted to having “taken a couple of shots” after she came home, according to a police report. The 26-year-old surrendered to police after they obtained a warrant. The vegan’s blood-alcohol level was .089, over Georgia’s legal limit, at the time of her arrest.

“She was protecting the life of those little baby chickens… she thought,” Major Jeffrey Vaughn with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office told the New York Post. “Unfortunately, they were en route to a processing plant.”

Vaughn said no chickens were injured in the crash and the truck was undamaged. Armstrong is charged with hit-and-run, aggressive driving, driving under the influence, and obstruction. She was released on a $5,250 bond.