Road Rage Attack: Man with moving company shot twice in face

A moving company truck driver was shot in the face on Saturday in Miami, in what appears to be an extreme road rage incident.

NBC Miami reports that Eliel Perez was operating a Two Men and a Truck box truck, along with two co-workers, when a man driving a different box truck ran a four-way stop sign. According to Telaysis Lee, one of the co-workers, the other driver gave them obscene finger gesture. Perez honked his horn, which apparently put the suspect into a fit of rage.

“The guy ran the stop sign, and you know, he’s flicking us off and all that, and all we did was beep the horn at him…..We were coming through the next stop sign and he was parked and aimed and shot at the window and shot my friend while he was driving.”

Two bullets hit Perez directly in his left cheek. Lee had to grab the wheel and steer the moving truck to safety, down Southwest 284 Street. He stopped the truck directly in front of the house they were en route to deliver furniture to.

After Miami Dade police arrived, Perez was airlifted and taken to the Jackson South Trauma Center. According to a Two Men and a Truck company statement, Perez underwent surgery and was released from the hospital.

“Eliel underwent surgery and has been released from the hospital. He is in good spirits and grateful for the outpouring of support today.  We are incredibly proud of the compassion and response of our team involved in this terrible incident. Our thoughts and prayers are with Eliel as he continues to recover.”

Police are currently looking for the suspect. He’s described as a Hispanic male with long black hair and an average build. He was last seen driving a white box truck.

[Feature Photo: Screenshot/NBC Miami]