Heartbreaking! 5-year-old calls 911 after parents overdose

A Sharon, Pennsylvania, couple were arrested after their 5-year-old reportedly told a 911 dispatcher he couldn’t wake up his parents and thought they were dead.

Sarah Williams, 30, and Timothy Kolsky Jr., 30, are charged with child endangerment after they allegedly overdosed on heroin on Saturday. According to WKBN, the boy called Mercer County Dispatch at 10 pm and later directed cops to his family’s room.

“The child was very level-headed—very calm demeanor,” Sharon Police officer Andrew O’Shall told the station. “I was thoroughly surprised.”

The Pocono Record reported that responding officers found Williams and Kolsky unconscious on the kitchen floor. EMS were able to wake Willams up while medics revived the father with Narcan.

While Williams told authorities she took 30mg of Roxicodone, a narcotic pain reliever, she admitted that Kolsky had used heroin, O’Shall claimed. Authorities reportedly recovered a measuring spoon and a loaded hypodermic syringe containing a brown fluid in the kitchen.

The couple said they had been through drug rehab. The child’s mother told WFMJ while leaving court on Monday that the ordeal was “a mistake.”

“This is all I have to say, my son did save my life, but we’re not bad parents at all, we made a mistake and that’s all the comment I have.”

The kindergartener recently learned how to call 911 at school. He was taken out of his parents’ custody and is staying with relatives.

O’Shall added, “I think this one is going to stick with me a little more. Just the fact that it was a 5-year-old that watched his parents overdose in front of him and could have potentially died had he not called.”

Williams and Kolsky were released on bond. Williams is also facing two counts of using and possessing drug paraphernalia. The parents’ preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 22.