Shocking Video: Daycare worker caught pushing child down stairs

An Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, day care worker is facing charges after a surveillance camera caught her pushing a young girl down a flight of stairs.

CBS reports that the surveillance camera was installed just in time to capture 52-year-old Sarah Gable push the child, as she stood behind her at the Child Care of the Future daycare center on Secane Avenue, in Primos. The camera was installed minutes before the incident took place.

Co-worker Shawayne Tavares was watching the camera being installed when she saw Gable push the little girl. Shocked, Tavares confronted her, but it’s unclear if Gable gave an explanation. Tavares called the police and reported the incident.

“I go confront her, and I said, ‘What are you doing? We don’t do this to children.”

Gable was subsequently fired from her position at the day care. She was arrested and charged with “simple assault, harassment that subjected another to physical contact, and endangering the welfare of a child.”

According to the arrest report, Gable was having trouble with the child before pushing her down the stairs. The suspect looked at the surveillance for a few brief seconds after the incident, before grabbing the child walking out of the camera’s view.

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“Gable was seen struggling with the child prior to pushing her down the steps,” the affidavit read. “After the child fell, Gable was observed grabbing her and continuing on.”

The 4-year-old sustained a minor knee injury, but otherwise she’s OK. Her parents were notified of the incident and were understandably shocked. The child returned to day care the next day, but didn’t see Gable, who was fired on the spot after the day care administrators saw the video. She’s since been released from jail on a $25,000 bond.

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood, who responded to the scene, acknowledged the severity of the incident.

“I think it’s every parent’s worst nightmare that sends their kid to daycare.”

[Feature Photo: Clifton Heights Police Department]