Dashcam Video: Florida firefighter tries to bite cop, threatens to ruin his life

A Florida firefighter is behind bars after a Wednesday hit and run incident in Orlando. He’s accused of threatening to ruin police officer’s life after attempting to bite him while resisting arrest.

Click Orlando reports that Justin Serrecchia was driving his blue Ford Mustang around 7:50 p.m., when he reportedly crashed into a a red Lexus, close to Peppervine Drive and Lake Live Oak Drive. Serrechia, a firefighter, got out of his car and made sure the other drive was OK. The other driver gave Serrechia his name and insurance information but when asked to give out his information in return, Serrecchia refused.

According to a police report, the victim said Serrechia reeked of alcohol and kept “switching his personality” as if going through mood swings. The victim said Serrechia was cursing and claiming to be a firefighter and a soldier.

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Brevard County deputies arrived to the accident scene while both parties were still there. Shortly after, the Florida Highway Patrol arrived, but the suspect had already left, and without providing the deputies any identification or information when requested. According to the victim, the deputies did nothing when he told them that Serrechia was likely drunk.

Highway Patrol troopers went to Serrechia’s house, where they found him sleeping. Once his fiance roused him, he was in a volatile mood. He refused to put his hands behind his back and accused the troopers of harassing him. When they eventually got him handcuffed and tried to place in in a patrol cruiser, he allegedly tried to bite one of the officers. The dash cam caught the conversation.

“Stop resisting. Try biting me again and I will knock your teeth out!”

Serrechia replied by threatening the officer.

“You understand you’re (expletive) ruining my life? Do you understand that? You don’t care. You don’t care. But you know what?  You have Facebook, right? I will find you, and I will (expletive) ruin your life.”

Troopers eventually transferred the uncooperative firefighter to the Brevard County jail. He’s charged with leaving the scene of a crime that involved property damage and resisting a police officer.

According to the Brevard County Emergency Management Office communications director, Brevard is still employed as a firefighter, pending the outcome of his case.

[Feature Photo: Police Handout]