UPDATE: 5-month-old thrown into playpen dies; ‘frustrated’ sitter charged with murder

A Florida woman who admitted to forcefully throwing an infant into his playpen is facing murder charges after the baby died from his injuries.

Barbara Kendrick, 65, was originally charged with aggravated child abuse as Cooper Dubovik was hospitalized for a fractured skull. However, the charge was upgraded to murder following the 5-month-old’s death late Wednesday, according to People.

As Crime Online reported, cops were called to the Oceanway home Tuesday afternoon and found Kendrick administering CPR on an unconscious Dubovik. The 65-year-old allegedly later admitted to violently throwing the baby—who was teething and had a fever—into his Pack and Play because he was fussy.

“She said she got into an argument with her husband, was angry and frustrated. He was teething, so he was fussy, and she took out all of her aggression on him and, unfortunately, took his life from doing so,” the baby’s godmother, Sherry Garvin, told WJXT.

Jacksonville officers said Dubovik also sustained internal injuries consistent with trauma. Doctors later determined the infant had no brain activity.

Family friends told WFOX that the 5-month-old was the parents’ first child. The 65-year-old had been watching the baby while the parents worked for about a month.

On Friday, Kendrick was denied bond at her first court appearance. She is due back in court on March 30.

A family friend supposedly started a GoFundMe to help cover the slain 5-month-old’s funeral and hospital expenses. The campaign has brought in about $7,000 as of Friday evening.

“We know that they do not have money to bury their baby so we wanted to help,” the page reads. “The money will go directly to the family to help cover funeral expenses and living expenses until they can recover from this tragedy.”

[Feature Photo: GoFundMe]