‘Ahem!’: Homeowner films, busts would-be burglars

A video supposedly captured the moment a man stumbled upon three burglars attempting to break into his home in broad daylight.

The February 28 incident was recorded by Anthony Williams at his home in Orange Grove, a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. The animator told News24 that his camera was ready to film that day due to his line of work.

The brief video showed the trio trying to force open a gate with a crowbar. Williams can be heard clearing his throat before the befuddled men realize they’ve been caught and flee.

Williams told News24 that he yelled “Are you having a problem there?” twice to the intruders, then armed himself with a camera and headed outside.

A neighbor purportedly uploaded the awkward exchange to YouTube on Wednesday.

“I am quite worried about my safety, but more so for my mother,” Williams told the station. “I’m really just happy I was able to spare my neighbors the agony of a break-in.”

Williams also mentioned that he’s been robbed “21 times in the past 21 years.” Following last month’s attempted break-in, he said he plans to invest in more home protections beyond the ten-foot gates he already has.

“It is clear that they have no respect for the law. They have no respect for anyone, seeing that they can do this in the middle of the day,” Norwood Community Policing Forum chairperson Wandile Yani said, according to The North Eastern Tribune.

A concerned Yani also wondered where the police’s crime prevention unit was during the attempted robbery.

A neighbor told the Times LIVE that a criminal case was open.


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