Caught on Video: Suspected Walmart shoplifter arrested while protesters scream ‘police brutality’

**WARNING** Video contains graphic language and violence

What went down at Walmart today Phoenix,AZ

Posted by Desiree Valdez on Thursday, March 16, 2017


A video reportedly shows a Phoenix, Arizona, police officer forcefully arresting a woman accused of shoplifting from Walmart.

Delores Imboden, 26, can be heard screaming from her car that the officer was choking her.

“I did not walk out of the f***ing store with anything.”

The video shows the officer striking the 26-year-old before telling her she’s under arrest. The unidentified officer then threatens to shoot the woman if she continues to resist. Steven Katzeek is seen sitting in the driver’s seat during the exchange. According to KPNX, authorities claim the man was holding Imboden amid the struggle and at one point moved the car forward.

Witnesses, many of whom were recording the exchange, are heard voicing their disapproval as the officer continued to punch Imboden. The officer calls for backup as the crowd gets hostile.

Imboden tells the officer “You’re f***ing harassing me, you’re beating me.”

The officer then maces Katzeek while he and a second officer manage to get Imboden out of the vehicle. A third officer arrests Katzeek. Authorities say Imboden bit the officer before he “used strikes to prevent any further injury to himself.” They also say the officer was bitten as he attempted to turn off the car, something Katzeek refused to do.

The footage, which was uploaded to Facebook by Desiree Valdez on Thursday, was viewed more than a million times and shared by more than 16,000 users as of Saturday evening.

Imboden was charged with resisting arrest and shoplifting while Katzeek was charged with hindering prosecution. Authorities did not disclose the responding officer’s name. Police supposedly recovered stolen merchandise and drug paraphernalia from the scene.

[Feature Photo: Facebook]