‘I’m gonna kill you’: Video captures fast food worker violently attacking customer

An unsettling video showing a fast food employee battering a customer has made its way onto the Internet.

The 45-second video starts out mid-fight with the employee in question punching a customer in the face and head. A woman is heard asking someone to call the police amid the assault. The employee continues to pummel the cowering patron whose holding onto his legs. At one point, the worker hits the customer over the head with food trays and a drink dispenser.

Nobody comes to the aid of the customer, including the person recording from behind the counter.

“I’m gonna kill you n*****,” the employee is heard saying after the brawl breaks up.

Fellow co-workers admonish the man and tell the soaked customer to leave the premises. The footage, which was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop on March 17, has been viewed almost 500,000 times as of Monday evening. The video’s title indicated that the fight started because the customer “disrespected” the employee.

Though the original video indicated the fight occurred at a McDonald’s, The Mirror pointed out that a woman is seen wearing a Wendy’s baseball cap. It is unclear exactly where or when the brawl occurred. The burger chain has yet to comment on the incident.

There was a McDonald’s brawl that was posted online recently. According to WREG, the video captured about a dozen underage girls fighting at a McDonald’s in Ripley, Tennessee early last month. One of the girl’s grandfathers claimed a student came into the restaurant and pushed his granddaughter following a ball game.

“These women came in and, for some reason, started picking at them and then they started fighting them,” the man told the station.

[Feature Photo: YouTube]