Parents and grandparents charged in HEINOUS child abuse

Authorities: Twin 9-month-olds weighed eight pounds, had maggots in genitals

The mother, father, and grandmother of 9-month-old twin girls who each weighed eight pounds will stand trial, a Tulsa, Oklahoma, judge ruled Monday.

The babies had bedsores and were “emaciated, extremely underweight, and very filthy” when taken into protective custody in December, according to police records obtained by the Claremore Daily Progress.

Authorities said the children, who are now 13-months-old, were removed from the Collinsville home and currently are recovering with a family member.

Nurses called it “the worst case of child abuse they had seen,” KFOR reported at the time. A nurse claimed one twin had feces in her ear. The nurse allegedly also witnessed a maggot crawl out of one of the girl’s genitals.

Cat feces was also smeared on the wall and floor, Department of Human Services (DHS) investigator Kristi Simpson told Assistant District Attorney Sarah McAmis.

The children’s parents, Aislyn Miller, 24, and Kevin Fowler, 25, (pictured left and right, respectively) are facing five counts of child neglect. Fowler’s mother, Rita, 65, will be tried on a felony charge of permitting child neglect and a misdemeanor charge of failing to report child neglect, according to Tulsa World.

Rita Fowler [Photo: Owasso Police Department]
Miller supposedly told cops that she was aware there were problems in the home but she and Kevin were “new parents” who never took care of infants.

Prosecutors called a DHS worker, a doctor, and a child crisis detective who said the girls were “literally starving to death with skin was hanging from their bones” and had diaper rashes so severe that their skin was peeling off. According to WARN, a doctor also believed the twins were sitting in their soiled playpen 14 hours a day.

The doctor testified on Monday that the twins weighed a mere eight pounds—half the size of an average 9-month-old.

Child crisis detectives alleged Rita never reported the girls’ grave condition despite often visiting and babysitting them. Steven Wyers, Rita Fowler’s attorney, claimed they state hasn’t proved his client was malicious or willfully ignored her granddaughters’ condition.

Defense attorney Steven Vincent claimed the parents were denied government aid because they both had full-time jobs. However, Simpson maintained the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program tried for months to re-establish benefits but Miller and Kevin never responded.

Miller, Kevin, and Rita will appear for trial court arraignment on Monday.

[Feature Photo: Owasso Police Department]