‘I’d say God was with him this morning’: Family survives crash with 30-pound wild turkey

An Emerson, New Jersey, family were miraculously unscathed after a 30-pound wild turkey smashed into the windshield of their SUV.

The Taraboczhia family were in northwest Indiana heading to O’Hare International Airport Tuesday morning when the turkey was impaled by the GMC’s windshield, according to WBBM-TV.

“I thought he was gonna clear the roof, but he didn’t,” John Tarabocchia told the Indy Star. “He went straight through the windshield.”

The La Porte County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook that the large turkey, named Tom, was “killed on impact.” The Taraboczhia family fortunately walked away with only minor cuts caused by the broken glass.

“Mating season for wild turkeys means that they are often on the move and can be as hazardous as deer,” the Facebook post explained.

The Taraboczhia family from Emerson, New Jersey had just left Notre Dame where their daughter Riana was just accepted……

Posted by La Porte County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Tom did a decent amount of damage. Aside from the windshield, the turkey damaged the roof and left feathers on the center console and passenger’s seat.

“We’ve had incidents of turkeys striking vehicles in the past but I don’t think anything nearly as this dramatic,” La Porte County Sheriff’s Capt. Mike Kellems told WBBM-TV.

CBS News reported Bob Smigielski, who was passing by at the time of the accident, retrieved Tom from the windshield and took it home with him. He said he plans to clean and cook the turkey.

Officer Ken Etchison pointed out to WSBT that wild turkeys in the area are typically smaller. Police believed there would’ve been a different outcome had Tom went completely through the windshield.

”I’d say God was with him this morning.”

[Featured Image: Facebook]