13-year-old allegedly overdoses on father’s heroin stash

A Dayton, Ohio, father is behind bars after his teen son possibly overdosed on his heroin.

Police were called to an unconscious overdose victim at around 8:25 pm on Tuesday. A co-worker of Robert Baker Wylie, the 13-year-old’s father, told authorities Wylie was “on drugs and the boy got into his stuff,” an incident report obtained by WHIO detailed.

Wylie and the co-worker reportedly brought the unconscious boy to a fire station for help. The co-worker also claimed the heroin stash was located in a garage near the station, WDTN reported.

Responding medics administered 4 mg of Narcan without success before transporting the teen to a nearby hospital.

“At the hospital, they had gotten a heartbeat back but did not know anything further on his condition at this time,” Dayton Police Officer Joseph Drumm wrote in the police report.

Wylie was arrested Tuesday and charged with drug possession and child endangerment Tuesday. He is currently held at Montgomery County Jail.

Ohio is being ravaged by the heroin epidemic.

Earlier this month, four Centerville, Ohio, children woke up to find their parents dead of an alleged heroin-fentanyl overdose. Crime Online reported the children told a 911 dispatcher that Spirit Airlines pilot Brian Halye and his wife Courtney were “pale” and “cold” in their bedroom. Though authorities said it’s likely they succumbed to an overdose, it will take six weeks for toxicology testing to produce an official cause of death.

Two Berea, Ohio, parents were jailed after their 8-year-old son supposedly overdosed on heroin last month. Charles Dowdy and Danielle Simko claimed their son suffocated in a pillow. Though medics were able to get a pulse, authorities unearthed a bag of heroin and some prescription in pills in the boy’s sock. Nancy Grace played the unsettling 911 call on an episode of “Crime Stories.”

[Featured Photo: Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office]