Prosecutor: Wisconsin dad beat the life out of 2-month-old son

Wisconsin coroners said an 8-week-old baby died from “homicidal abusive head trauma,” possibly at the hands of his father.

De’Anthony Hodges, 31, of Beloit, allegedly carried out the unthinkable abuse on March 20. A doctor who suspected Amanii’s was shaken or slammed also compared his injuries to that sustained in a high-speed collision without a seatbelt, according to the Janesville Gazette.

Assistant District Attorney Rich Sullivan said the 31-year-old claimed the baby was colicky and crying all day. Watching Amanii while the child’s mom worked, Hodges said he made his son a bottle at 1 p.m., and came back to find him not breathing. Hodges allegedly claimed he contacted the infant’s mother first because he had warrants and didn’t want to get arrested. In turn, she came home and called 911. Responding police noted Amanii wasn’t breathing and had no pulse, the Beloit Daily News reported.

The baby was in grave condition for six days before his death. He was deemed essentially brain dead and kept alive through a ventilator.

According to Sullivan, a doctor—who called his prognosis “bleak”— the baby would never be able to speak, eat on his own, or walk if he survived. In addition to skull fractures, the doctor said the 8-week-old had “retinal hemorrhages at every level due to head trauma.”

Hodges claimed he never struck his son and that he didn’t fall.

Friday’s autopsy validated the doctor’s findings that Amanii succumbed to head trauma that was abusive in nature, according to WQRF.

Hodges was originally facing child abuse and neglect charges. In light of his son’s death and the subsequent autopsy, prosecutors anticipate upgrading the charges.

[Featured Image: Beloit Police Department]