‘Where is Jesus right now?’ Man taunts victim, sexually assaults her in Christian bookstore

A convicted murderer reportedly admitted to saying “Where’s Jesus right now,” to a woman he raped and choked in a Christian bookstore.

Two days after killing a 17-year-old schoolgirl in Australia, Sean Price, 33, continued his reign of terror in a Melbourne bookstore. According to the Herald Sun, Price asked the victim if they sold Bibles before attacking her as she directed him to the books.

Price told police the following about the bookstore rape:

“I thought f***, I’m going to jail for this one. I’ve just got to take a chick. I’m going to be stranded for the rest of my life. Who cares, no ones going to give me a Noel Prize—I’m going to get a life sentence for this. I thought I’ll bust a n*t just before I f***ing go to jail forever.”

Price had a lengthy criminal history which begun at age 18. He attacked seven Melbourne women—raping two of them. The Christian Post reported that Price’s youngest victim was 13.

Court proceedings revealed Price had schizophrenia and psychosis, which affected his social judgment. In turn, he was ordered to serve five-and-a-half years in a psychiatric hospital. Despite the sentence, Price spent most of his sentence in a regular prison and underwent minimal treatment for his mental illnesses.

Price was released four months before the March 17, 2015, murder of Masa Vukotic, 17. On the night in question, Price grabbed a knife and clean shirt, planning to kill someone “affluent” as revenge for the treatment he received in prison.

Vukotic, who was out for an evening walk in the park, became the career criminal’s target. Price stabbed the teen 49 times, aiming for “lethal regions.”

Price told cops, “I just thought f*** this, this is the one. I just f***ing had to kill her, man.”

The 33-year-old pleaded guilty to murder, rape, robbery, and attempted theft following the March 2015 crime spree. Sentenced to life in prison, Yahoo 7 News reported in March of this year that Price plans to appeal his rape conviction—to the outrage of many.

“This man, he deserves to spend every one of those 38 years in jail,” Senator Derryn Hinch, who called Price’s latest move “an absolute disgrace,” commented. “He stabbed that teenage girl in that park 47 times. Legal Aid Victoria should not give this monster one single solitary dollar.”

[Featured Image: 7 News]