Does his first wife know? Just out of dead-beat dad court hearing, Tori Spelling’s husband splurges on new motorcycle and spa treatments

Owing thousands to an ex-wife and debtors didn’t stop Dean McDermott from supposedly splurging on a motorcyle—and cryotherapy.

The Daily Mail reported that McDermott, 50, showed off his ride, valued at $15,000, on April 1. Shortly thereafter he was seen heading to a cosmetic dentist then into cryotherapy spa for a one-hour appointment.

McDermott and wife Tori Spelling, 43, have grabbed headlines in recent years for money troubles. American Express reportedly sued Spelling in November for $80,000 in unpaid credit card fees.

City National Bank allegedly also sought $188,000 last December for an unpaid 2012 loan. The Bank is also after Spelling for $17,000 for supposedly overdrawing from her checking account.

The pair, who have young five kids together, were also hit with $259,108 lien early last year from unpaid 2014 taxes.

Page Six reported earlier this month that McDermott managed to avoid jail despite being found in contempt of court for unpaid child support. McDermott claimed he had “fallen on hard times” and stopped paying child support in October.

McDermott and ex Mary Jo Eustace, 54, who have an 18-year-old son together, reached an agreement which resulted in McDermott coughing up $2,500 in the courthouse. Since Eustace withdrew her $100,000 claim with prejudice, she can refile at any time, the Mail pointed out.

It is suspected that Tori’s mother Candy Spelling, 71, is footing the bill for the family’s expenses—including McDermott’s indulgences. Candy was reportedly estranged from her daughter up until recently.

“Someone who is truly struggling financially doesn’t buy a second motorcycle and indulge in alternative spa treatments,” a source told the Mail. “He obviously has money for what he wants.”

[Featured Image: AP/Mark Davis]