Slippery rapper wannabe feasts on $600 seafood before jumping into ocean and swimming away from bill

An aspiring rapper who reportedly feasted on more than $600 worth of seafood tried to skip out on the bill by jumping into the ocean and swimming off.

The Brisbane Times reported that Terry Peck, aka “2Pec,” enjoyed two lobsters, 21 oyster shooters, a baby octopus, and six Coronas at Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant in Queensland, Australia.

Peck, 33, reportedly claimed he intended to pay for the meal but abruptly left because a friend called him to say she was having a baby. He said he went to find the friend on the beach.

Authorities said he ran out of the eatery and went down the street before plunging into the ocean. According to The Courier-Mail, officers on jet skis apprehended the 33-year-old. Peck is also accused of stealing a six-pack of beer from a nearby eatery prior to his Sunday afternoon arrest.

During Peck’s court appearance, Magistrate Joan White said “Oh God, by himself?” after hearing how much he ate on the afternoon in question.

In addition to disclosing that he challenged Eminem to a rap battle, Peck had the following to say about the incident outside of court:

They should be apologizing to me for the shell in the overpriced food…He said he was going to get the bill…I told them to tell the chef it was overcooked.

Robert Rank, the manager of Omeros Bros Seafood, took issue with Peck’s comments about the caliber of food offered by the restaurant.

“It wouldn’t have been overcooked,” Rank told “I’m pretty confident of that.”

After police caught up with him, the 33-year-old allegedly refused to get out of the water, which led to officers jumping in the water and dragging him to safety. A police spokesman mentioned that officers were concerned for the rapper’s well-being, who was very drunk at the time.

2Pec is charged with one count of stealing and two counts of seriously assaulting a police officer. He was released on bail and is due back in court on May 4.


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