Two women brawl, one gets stabbed over a parking lot space

**WARNING**: Graphic violence and strong language in video

Two women in Detroit ended up in a bloody brawl on Sunday with one stabbed after they argued over a parking space at Rouge Park on the city’s west side.

The women, ages 21 and 22, were so intent on getting the coveted parking spot that they began rolling on the ground, punching and scratching each other. Someone recorded on the incident and uploaded it online, while a group of onlookers encouraged the fight to continue. Almost instantly, the video went viral.

The squabble took a sinister turn when one of the women got stabbed. She stood up and walked towards a car, then lifted her black dress to reveal a bloody stab wound on her chest before stumbling backwards and falling. She’s in the hospital and expected to recover. The two women fighting were arrested.

According to Detroit police Cmdr. Aric Tosqui, numerous fights break out in the area because people don’t know to to “cope with problems.”

“We have an issue out here with how to cope with our problems. People arguing over a parking spot escalating to violence, it’s ridiculous that people act that way.”

He also added that people like watching fights as a form of entertainment. He warned that others shouldn’t egg people on to fight, as it can escalate quickly and turn into a fatal incident.

“I understand there are folks that don’t want to get involved, but if you don’t want to, then you shouldn’t be egging people on.”

The names of the parties involved in the incident are not known at this time.