Former ‘Real Housewives’ star’s attempted murder case shifts in his favor

Joshua Waring’s attempted murder case may have taken a turn in his favor.

Waring is the son of former Real Housewives of Orange County star Lauri Peterson, and he appeared on multiple episodes of the reality show. According to the Los Angeles Times, a coroner determined there was no gunshot residue on Waring’s hands or clothing following a 2016 shooting incident.

Waring, 28, was arrested and charged in connection to a June 2016 shooting in Costa Mesa, California, that critically injured a man.

Though Waring reportedly said he believes the results could free him, Laura Gibson, chief of forensics laboratories for the Los Angeles County coroner’s office, said that February’s analysis was inconclusive.

As Crime Online reported earlier this month, Waring is charged with a slew of felonies—including unlawfully discharging a firearm at an inhabited dwelling, assault with a firearm, vehicle theft, shooting at another person from a motor vehicle, and evading police while driving recklessly—in addition to several misdemeanors.

Since his arrest, Waring has insisted he is innocent, while suggesting that his involvement in the reality show had made him a target. During her multiple seasons on RHOC, Waring openly spoke about her struggles with her son’s apparent drug addiction.

“The show took my problems and put a bull’s eye on my back for law enforcement,” Waring told The Times. “The last 10 years of my life has been focused on how to be a criminal, stay on drugs and feel comfortable. I don’t feel comfortable without being loaded.”

But he said he is now trying to stay clean.

According to The Orange County Register, Peterson, 57, left RHOC in 2008 after several seasons to help her troubled son.

Waring faces life in prison if convicted.

[Featured Image: Costa Mesa Police Department]