Beloved Walmart greeter, 88, fired after turkey wanders into store

An 88-year-old Walmart greeter is out of a job after a turkey reportedly wandered in and out of a Waukesha, Wisconsin, store.

Bob Tallinger told WREG that he was fired for not removing the wild bird from the store. Tallinger, who worked as a greeter for eight years, was allegedly told he should have alerted a manager about the odd ordeal.

“He was hired to be a greeter and that’s what he did. He never saw a book of rules that said if a wild turkey comes in here, you better run and get management,” Tallinger’s wife, Janet, told the station. “Granted he’s gotten older and granted he’s lost a little memory, but nevertheless, that hasn’t prevented him from being an excellent greeter.”

According to WISN, the turkey walked into the Wisconsin Walmart from off the street about 3:30 pm on March 27. Mark Hess, of the Humane Animal Welfare Society, told the station that the bird walked around the store before he captured it with a net.

“They were able to shoo the bird out, but they said he wouldn’t leave, so I drove out to Walmart, and I saw two ladies playing with a turkey in the patio section of the Walmart,” Hess said. He also added that the bird wasn’t injured and was released into the wild.

Walmart terminated Bob days after the incident. The company provided WISN with the following statement:

“We appreciate the public’s concern and take this situation seriously. While we will not comment on HR matters, we can confirm Mr. Tallinger is no longer with the company.”

The story has a happy ending, however, as Bob recently landed a new job. His granddaughter, Jessica, took to Facebook on Friday to announce that her grandfather is now a greeter at St. Vincent de Paul.

“He is very grateful to work for an organization that is so giving to our community,” Jessica wrote. “Please visit his smiling face!”

[Featured Image: Facebook]