Special ed teacher caught with drugs in car had sex with underage student, say police

A Benicia, California, teacher who was allegedly caught with stolen property and marijuana edibles in her car is now accused of having sex with an underage student.

According to KCBS, Benicia High School employees contacted police earlier this month to report that the student had been seen leaving the building on multiple occasions.

When police came to question the student, the 17-year-old told officers that he was walking to a teacher’s car, which turned out to be 23-year old Riana Lane’s. Police searched the special education teacher’s car following the student’s admission, and recovered marijuana edibles and property allegedly stolen during two incidents.

Lane is believed to have given the student her car keys. She reportedly admitted that the edibles were hers and the teen confessed to stealing the property in question.

Upon further investigation, authorities later discovered that the teacher was allegedly having an “inappropriate relationship” with the student, according to the East Bay Times.

“Please be assured we will fully cooperate with the Benicia Police Department on all aspects of this investigation,” Benicia school superintendent Charles F. Young said, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The student was arrested for petty theft and released to his parents.

Lane was originally cited for misdemeanor possession of stolen property and possession of marijuana on a school campus. Turning herself in on Monday, she was also charged with oral copulation with a minor and statutory rape, both felonies. Her bail was set at $100,000.

The Daily Republic reported that the special ed. teacher was placed on leave. Dr. Young said the district is taking “immediate action to secure a highly qualified long-term substitute.”

[Featured Image: Solano County Sheriff’s Office]