Two Missouri men accused of kidnapping, raping woman with autism

Two men—one who is an undocumented immigrant—allegedly kidnapped an autistic woman and sexually abused her for several days.

KYTV reported that the 22-year-old victim left her Greene County, Missouri, residence early on April 15 and family members discovered her not far away outside a mobile home on April 17. Leaving an unintelligible note behind, the woman supposedly left her house because she was upset.

Court documents obtained by the station revealed that the woman was walking past the mobile home when a group of men, including Luis Arnold Lopez-Lara, 25, and Helmer Alexander Erazo, 23, began catcalling her. From there, one of them offered her alcoholic drinks inside the residence. One of the men is said to have warned the woman to not go inside.

The woman reportedly told police that she was held captive for three days and sexually assaulted. Using anatomically correct drawings, she was able to convey to cops that Lopez-Lara raped her.

The 22-year-old claimed the men “starved her” after she wouldn’t eat “Mexican food” they offered because she didn’t like it. She said that she was only given a candy bar, a bag of chips, and water in the three-day period.

Though she hid in a closet at one point, Erazo grabbed her by the neck and the men threatened to kill her if she left the mobile home.

Lopez-Lara and Erazo were charged with two counts of rape, one count of sexual abuse, and two counts of kidnapping. Two other men may also be charged.

Erazo is held on $150,000 bond. Lopez-Lara, who is living in the country illegally, is being held without bond.

[Feature Photo: Greene County Sheriff’s Office]