UPDATE Ex-boyfriend arrested for pregnant mom’s murder: Victim sent friend text screenshots to give police if she ‘ever comes up dead’

Arlington, Texas, police have arrested a man in connection with last week’s murder of a woman whose body was discovered by her 8-year-old son.

Detectives arrested Keith Haynes, 27, on a capital murder charge on Wednesday for fatally shooting Kenishia Walker, 25.

According to KXAS, police said the pair dated on and off since high school.

Haynes was reportedly questioned shortly after Walker’s body was found. On his way to being interrogated, the 27-year-old supposedly posted a profanity-laden rant video to Facebook professing his innocence and how he would “clear his name.”

As Crime Online reported, Walker was found shot to death in her Arlington townhome the morning of April 14. Her 8-year-old son went to neighbors after finding his mom. Police pointed out that there were no signs of forced entry into the home. They also mentioned that there were no domestic violence or emergency calls to Walker’s address within the past few months.

Walker became fearful for her life weeks before her death. A friend of the victim went to police with screenshots of texts between Haynes and Walker supposedly of them arguing about their relationship, the Arlington Voice reported.

“If I ever come up dead please show the police this and the other screenshots,” she told the friend on March 30, the arrest warrant detailed.

The victim’s son also purportedly told authorities that a man named “Moosie” was with his mother the night she was killed. Haynes confirmed that was his nickname, KXAS reported.

Though Crime Online couldn’t verify at the time whether Walker was expecting, her family told the station that she was 7-months-pregnant when she was murdered.

The suspect told police that he recently rekindled a relationship with Walker—at that time learning he possibly fathered her unborn child. He also claimed that the last time he visited her was two days before the murder, where they discussed “daycare issues.”

Deleted text messages—in addition to the 8-year-old’s claims—supposedly place Haynes in the townhouse on the night of the murder. Detectives obtained phone records which revealed that Haynes texted Walker that he “would be there in 40 minutes” and to “unlock the door” hours before she was shot to death.

At the time of his arrest, Haynes worked as a civilian employee at the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office.

“Due to the severity of the charges against him, we have initiated administrative proceedings concerning his employment here,” according to Dallas County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Melinda Urbina told KXAS.

According to the Star-Telegram, the 27-year-old was in a relationship with another woman—who is also pregnant with his child.

Haynes’ bail is set at $250,000.

[Featured Image: Arlington Police/Facebook]