Lawsuit: United Airlines attendant swapped passenger’s seat with ‘no explanation,’ called her a ‘c**t’

A woman claimed a United Airlines employee moved her from business to economy for no reason and called her a “c**t” during the ordeal, according to a new lawsuit.

Karen Shiboleth, 24, alleged the incident occurred during a September flight from Newark, New Jersey, to London. Shiboleth said she originally paid $1,498.90 for a window seat in economy before using 60,000 American Express miles and paying an additional $498.56 to upgrade to premium economy. To accommodate her heavy luggage, she supposedly shelled out another $1,149, according to Bloomberg.

The 24-year-old—who was flying to London to attend Kings College—said that a United gate attendant boarded the plane ten minutes before takeoff and demanded that she move to the back of the aircraft, the New York Daily News reported. She also alleged that business class cabin had several open seats.

“[Employee Eunice] Daly further insulted and humiliated [Shiboleth] by raising her voice and calling [her] a ‘c**t’ in front of other passengers,” court papers obtained by the New York Post stated.

Shiboleth said that Daly also refused to refund her the upgrade and offered her a mere $750 in vouchers for the $3,000+ business class seat. She claimed to have never redeemed the vouchers.

A United Airlines spokesperson said the following in a statement:

“Our goal is to provide all our customers with a great travel experience. We are aware of the filing and reviewing it, but due to pending litigation we are unable to comment further.”

Shiboleth has a large Instagram following and is a known Manhattan socialite. The 24-year-old is suing for $9,146 in awards points and fees and $150,000 in punitive damages to “deter such behavior in the future.”

[Featured Image: Karen Shiboleth/Instagram]