Girl, 8, fights off would-be kidnapper who put bag over her head

An 8-year-old Chicago girl managed to fight off a man who knocked her off her bike and tried to abduct her.

WLS-TV reported that the girl was playing outside of her grandmother’s house Sunday afternoon when the incident occurred. The unidentified man is said to have pushed her off her bike and threw a bag over her head.

Luckily, the 8-year-old was able to kick her attacker in the face and run into her grandmother’s house for help. Though¬†Cheniece Kidd, the child’s mother, tried to track down the man after calling 911, he had already fled the scene. The girl wasn’t injured.

“We thought everything was fine because around here we kind of look out for each other, you know. So something like this you don’t really just expect to happen,” Teressia¬†Kidd, the little girl’s grandmother, told the station.

According to the New York Daily News, Cheniece claimed her daughter didn’t attend school on Monday because she was still shaken up by the attempted kidnapping. The mom said she’s worried about other kids this man may target.

The suspect is described as a black male, 5 feet 5 inches tall, average build, and in his 40’s. The victim claimed the man had a heart tattoo on his neck and was wearing a brown long sleeve shirt and black pants at the time.

Authorities were still searching for the man as of Monday night.

Cheniece said, “I am extremely proud that I raised a fighter. She is not going to give up and let nobody take her. She knows she has family that loves her and wants her home.”

[Featured Image: WGN-TV]