Cash Me Ousside girl slams Dr. Phil: ‘Ain’t nobody have time for that bald headed b***h”

Cash me Ousside girl aka Danielle Bregoli continues to bite that hand that fed her millions of dollars and Instagram followers.

A year ago, Bregoli was just another troublemaking teen. But after an infamous appearance on the Dr. Phil show with her mother this fall, she became an overnight sensation, and has been cashing in ever since.

But she’s got no love for the talk show host who launched her to Internet fame.

In a recent interview with Maxim — which described Bregoli as a “living meme” — the Cash me Ousside girl said she would under no circumstances appear on the Dr. Phil show ever again.

“Hell no,” she said when asked if she would return to the show.

Ain’t nobody have time for that bald headed bitch. I just saw him on Jimmy Fallon talking all sorts of mess about my mom.

This is not the first time Bregoli has expressed her distaste for the family therapist.

In a follow-up appearance on the Dr. Phil show in February, she told the veteran TV star that he was “nothing before I came on this show.”

And in a March interview with the New York Post, Bregoli accused the Dr. Phil show of misleading editing:

His advice was good but his editing was not. 99% of that show was just chopped up to make it look like my mom and I were at each other’s throats when it really wasn’t that bad.

Earlier this week, Bregoli appeared in court to face five juvenile felony charges, including auto theft, battery, and filing a false police report.

Photo: Facebook