Police: Missing officer faked his own death, ran to Mexico

Authorities believe an Austin police officer constructed an intricate suicide setup and fled to Mexico.

According to KXAN, Coleman Miller’s wife called police on April 25 to report that her husband was suicidal. She claimed that Miller, 29, left around 10 am and had been depressed about family issues for the past two days. Texting throughout the day, at 10:15 pm the officer sent his wife a message containing a photo of a handwritten suicide note. The note reportedly said that he was going to drown himself in a lake near the Mexican border.

Authorities located the suicide note in his car—parked 250 miles from Austin—on Wednesday. His passport and a tablet he bought the day he went missing weren’t in the vehicle, according to the New York Daily News.

Cops claimed Miller took $300 from an ATM and bought a raft on the day in question. He supposedly used his debit card to purchase a rope and concrete blocks. The raft was found on the shore near the 29-year-old’s car. Scrapes on the side of the raft indicated that a concrete block was hurled over the side, according to an affidavit obtained by CBS News.

Amid a missing persons investigation, authorities learned that Martin was pulled over the night of April 25, telling the cop he was en route to Mexico for vacation.

Investigators also became aware of a close relationship the officer has with a woman who is not his wife. The woman allegedly told authorities that Miller sent her an email revealing that he staged his death before riding a bike eight miles to a convenience store. He discarded the bike in a dumpster behind the store, the affidavit also detailed.

“As this investigation progressed, evidence was uncovered to lead investigators to believe that the missing officer took means to stage his own death,” a police statement obtained by Downtown Austin Patch read. “It is believed at this time he is not deceased and has fled to Mexico.”

Miller supposedly took a taxi to a border crossing before taking a bus into Mexico. Investigators claimed that surveillance footage caught the 29-year-old at a Del Rio, Texas, gas station at 11 pm on April 25—moments before he called for the taxi.

The Austin Police Department issued an arrest warrant and filed a criminal charge of false alarm or report against the missing officer. He faces a $3,500 bond once apprehended.

“Local law enforcement agencies are actively searching for the officer,” the statement continued. “We will advise further as we learn new information.”

[Featured Image: Austin Police Department]