VIDEO: Delta pilot suspended after hitting female passenger

A Delta Airlines pilot who struck a female passenger as she fought another woman was hit with a week-long suspension.

Video captured the April 21 incident at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport where a disagreement between two passengers got violent. In the footage obtained by TMZ, one woman can be seen knocking another woman over as passengers walk by with their luggage in tow. From there, the charger wraps her legs around the other woman’s neck in a possible choke hold.

Someone can be heard saying, “Knock it off” amid the chaos. Though the pilot appeared to be breaking up the brawl, he is seen grabbing one of the women’s arms before hitting her. He then walks away as they continue to fight.

In a statement, Delta Airlines confirmed to TMZ that the pilot in question was removed from duty while they carried out a “thorough investigation”:

“The pilot has since been returned to work as our investigation found that his actions deescalated an altercation between passengers on the jetway floor during deplaning.”

The Washington Post claimed that Delta spokesman Brian Kruse said he wasn’t authorized to disclose what airline employees are instructed to do when incidents like these occur.

A Delta official also told the tabloid that the brief video doesn’t show everything that transpired. Based on interviews with witnesses, the pilot, and cops, the airline maintained that the pilot was taking steps to get the woman to release her dangerous grip from the other woman’s neck.

The women apparently knew each other and got into a scuffle earlier while on the plane. Though law enforcement was called to the Atlanta Airport, both women reportedly declined to press charges.

[Featured Image: TMZ]