Indiana parents accused of leaving toddler home alone to get pizza

A little girl tells authorities she only gets to eat when she’s at school, while “mom and dad” go out for pizza

An Evansville, Indiana, couple is facing drug and child neglect charges after they allegedly left their 1-year-old home alone to get pizza.

WFIE reported that the pair’s 8-year-old told a school bus driver that she would have to watch her younger brother when she got home. The driver supposedly instructed the girl to get her brother then called 911.

Authorities arrived at the apartment and noticed that nobody was home. The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office also claimed there was no food in the refrigerator, animal droppings were in a kid’s bedroom, and pills, alcohol, and drug paraphernalia were present throughout the home.

Police alleged that the parents, Cameron and Holly Reine, returned to the apartment an hour after the cops’ arrival. Though the couple claimed a babysitter was supposed to be watching their children, Cameron, 24, supposedly said the sitter’s name was “Angie” while Holly said her name was “Cathy.”

Holly, 31, stated that she and “Cathy” correspond through Facebook Messenger because the woman is homeless. However, the mother claimed she couldn’t produce said messages because they got deleted, officers alleged.

The mom-of-two reportedly disclosed that they went to a pizza place and they left their young son because he was sleeping. She also said that they intended to bring food home for the kids but police mentioned that neither Holly nor Cameron had bags with them. The 8-year-old supposedly told authorities that she only gets to eat while at school.

Authorities also pointed out that both parents never asked if their children were alright during the entire ordeal.

Holly and Cameron, who are charged with child neglect and several drug charges, are being held in jail without bond, according to the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office’s website. Children services took the two kids following Tuesday’s incident. Animal control also took a pet living in the Evansville apartment.

[Featured Image: Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office]