Violent fight on Southwest flight caught on video

It was another day in the unfriendly skies when passengers on a Southwest flight from Dallas to Oakland witnessed a violent fistfight between passengers.

ABC News obtained video of the throw-down, which took place on Sunday.

In the brawl, one man can be seen pummeling the other while a woman desperately tries to break it up.

“Get off … what is wrong with you?” the woman screams.

The brawl erupted while the flight was in Burbank for a connection, as passengers were deplaning. It is not known what caused the fight between the passengers, or whether they knew each other previously.

Passenger Michael Krause captured the fight on his cell phone video, and praised a female flight attendant for helping to diffuse the situation.

“She was running down the aisle toward danger and then she got trapped,” Krause told CBS News. “She did a wonderful job. God bless her and I hope she’s OK.”

Burbank police told the news station that one person had been arrested for assault and battery. Another passenger reportedly suffered minor injuries, but refused medical treatment.



Photo: Associated Press