Heartbroken father of two little boys missing in Bermuda Triangle fears the worst: ‘I keep hoping it’s not real’

The father of two young boys who were on a plane that vanished on Monday posted heartbreaking updates to Facebook and gave an interview discussing his grief — and disbelief — over the tragedy.

The little boys, ages 3 and 4, had been on vacation in Puerto Rico with their mother, well-known New York City designer and entrepreneur Jennifer Blumin, and her boyfriend Nathan Ulrich. As Crime Online previously reported, the plane — flown by Ulrich, reportedly an experienced pilot — vanished in the area of the Bermuda Triangle Monday afternoon on its way to an airport in Florida.

According to the Daily News, the Coast Guard released photos on Wednesday of items from a debris field found during the search.  The pieces of wreckage found appear to match the type of twin engine turboprop Ulrich was flying.

“I keep hoping it’s not real and I’ll wake up,” Ramsey told the Daily News on Wednesday. “Wouldn’t wish this pain on the worst person in the world.”

Ramsey also posted multiple Facebook photos of his son and their mother since the news broke.

The Coast Guard has not confirmed that the debris found is definitely from the plane carrying Ramsey’s family.

“We’re still working to find something with specifics identifying the plane,” a Coast Guard spokesman told the Daily News.


Photo: Facebook