Shocking! Pet owner discovers hot dogs filled with razor blades in her yard

A concerned dog owner took to Facebook with a warning after she found razor blade-filled hot dogs in her yard while walking her canines.

Emma Medeiros, of Regina, Saskatchewan, posted the video to social media on Tuesday. Medeiros explained that she made the startling discovery while taking her dogs out for a walk. The woman told CBC News that 15 pieces of metal were stuffed in three pieces of hot dogs.

“It’s a little shocking,” Medeiros told the station. “It’s scary.”

Im not sure where to post this but I took my fur babies out for a peee this morning and happened to notice some hot dog in my yard, which is very unusual. So i went up to the pieces and it turns out theres a bunch of razor blades in each piece…. im located on 6th & queen so anyone around me, PLEASE CHECK YOUR YARDS!!!!

Posted by Emma Medeiros on Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Medeiros explained to BuzzFeed Canada that she was sitting on her patio when she noticed Ophelia, her border collie, sniffing a shiny piece of meat.

“So I went up to the pieces and it turns out there’s a bunch of razor blades in each piece…. I’m located on 6th & Queen so anyone around me, PLEASE CHECK YOUR YARDS!!!!” the Regina woman cautioned.

Medeiros, who has three dogs, claimed she has no idea who would want to harm her pets. She told Global News she feared that her dogs’ “mouths all the way to their stomach” could’ve gotten cut if they had eaten the laced hot dogs. She was also unsure whether the blades had poison on them.

“The person’s got to be deranged…to take razor blades and split them in half, and cut them in little hot dogs, and sticking them in one by one, ugh,” Kaleb Smith, the dogs’ co-owner, told the station.

“These dogs, they’re like my kids. You know what I mean? I’d be so devastated if something happened to them.”

Medeiros reached out to police and the Regina Humane Society following the incident. She said she intends to clean her yard daily to prevent something like this from happening again.

[Featured Image: Facebook]