3-week-old baby mauled to death after being left alone with dog

A 3-week-old Michigan girl died Thursday after being left alone with three pit bulls for five minutes.

WZZM reported that a family member discovered Susannah Jean Murray with a severe head injury and one of the pit bulls with blood around its mouth. The infant underwent emergency surgery but was pronounced dead seven hours later.

Authorities said Murray was left in a restraint seat for infants for five minutes when the horrific attack occurred. Grand Rapids Police Department spokesman Sgt. Terry Dixon said that the adults, along with the girl’s mother, were outside of the residence near the porch at the time, according to MLive.

One of the dogs was located near the baby following the attack while the two other dogs were elsewhere in the home. Authorities claimed none of the adults heard crying or other signs that an attack had occurred.

An autopsy later confirmed that the 3-week-old succumbed to a dog bite to the head, according to WZZM. Police said the three dogs are currently quarantined at an animal shelter. Neighbors told the station that the canines were a nuisance, with one resident describing them as “mean and vicious.”

“I’d be scared because when the dogs get out the fence they used to chase us.”

Sgt. Dixon said no charges have been filed at this point. However, he said the Grand Rapids Police Department and Child Protective Services are conducting an investigation and will turn the information over to the Kent County Prosecutor, who will determine whether they’ll file criminal charges.

“The breed of a pit bull, by itself, is not enough to condemn it, any dog can bite,”  Sgt. Dixon said. “This serves as a critical reminder to never leave a child unattended around a dog.”

[Featured Image: WZZM/Facebook]