Baby on Board? Woman kept plastic doll in car seat to use car pool lane

A Minnesota woman was fined last month after a state trooper discovered she was using a fake baby to drive in the car pool lane.

Minnesota State Patrol spokesperson Lt. Tiffany Nielson said a trooper pulled the driver over on I-35 after not spotting the woman’s special transponder on board. It was then that the trooper noticed that the “baby” wasn’t a real baby but a doll wrapped in blankets, according to KARE.

In addition to a “Baby on Board!” sign and blankets, the trooper supposedly eyed other tot-friendly accessories in the woman’s car during the May 4 ordeal.

The woman didn’t admit to any wrongdoing at first. Instead, she claimed that the car seat belonged to her 2-year-old child. Lt. Neilson pointed out that the seat was intended for an infant—meaning there was no way a 2-year-old would fit in it.

The state trooper ultimately determined that the unnamed driver was using a faux baby to circumvent car pool lane rules and handed down a $186 fine for the MnPass lane violation, the station also reported.

Despite getting busted, the motorist was willing to pose with doll in question.

In light of woman’s bad judgment, Lt. Neilson took the opportunity to mention that parents with (real) kids in tow can, in fact, use the high-occupancy lanes.

[Featured Image: Minnesota State Patrol]