Brothers accused of letting mother starve to death, ignoring dead body for hours

Two Trenton, Michigan, brothers are facing murder and abuse charges after their mother died of starvation in October.

Grant Balogh, 33, and Gabriel Balogh, 31, were arrested Thursday and charged with felony murder, involuntary manslaughter, and second-degree abuse of a vulnerable adult following the death of their mother, Vicky Balogh, 57. Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office spokeswoman Lisa Croff said Vicky succumbed to cachexia, also known as wasting disease, on October 23, according to MLive.

Grant and Gabriel are accused of leaving their mother to die in the home she raised them in. Vicky, who had ataxia—a brain disorder characterized by a lack of muscle control and coordination of voluntary movements—reportedly didn’t get the round-the-clock care she required.

Medical officials said the 58-year-old’s body was severely emaciated, filthy, and covered in sores and lesions. They also noted that her bones were visible through her skin, WDIV reported.

One of the brothers reportedly took their lifeless mother’s body to Beaumont Hospital, claiming that the stopped breathing in the car. However, medical officials believed that Vicky had been dead for at least seven hours.

Trenton police determined that Vicky died “as a direct result of gross negligence,” caused by her sons’ lack of care and failure to seek medical treatment for her condition, MLive also reported.

“It’s a tragedy,” Trenton police Officer James Nardone told WDIV. “It’s not only a tragedy for the community, it’s a tragedy for the family.”

According to her obituary, Vicky’s husband, Daniel J. Balogh, died in 2012.

Gabriel and Grant were the victim’s only children. They are being held on $200,000 cash bonds.


[Featured Image: WDIV video screenshots