Hero police officer fights London terror attack suspects with bare hands

The attackers stabbed him in the face

A police officer is being hailed a hero after becoming seriously injured while fighting the London Bridge terrorists with his bare hands.

Three men in a van ran down pedestrians on London Bridge and then began stabbing patrons at pubs and restaurants in the city’s Borough Market late Saturday.

The rampage left seven victims dead and dozens injured, many critically.

As authorities investigate the attack, one officer is being hospitalized for reportedly fighting the assailants head-on, the Evening Standard reports.

The officer, whose identity has not been released, is said to have attempted to “take on” the three attackers at the same time, according to the newspaper. He was stabbed in the leg, head and face.

The officer reportedly fought the attackers with his bare hands and with a police baton. He was one of the first officers on the scene, according to British Transport Police Chief Constable Paul Crowther.

“(The officer) showed enormous courage in the face of danger, as did many others who were at the scene and rushed to help,” Crowther told the Evening Standard.

Crowther added: “For an officer who only joined us less than two years ago, the bravery he showed was outstanding and makes me extremely proud.”

The officer is in stable condition but still “seriously unwell,” Crowther said.

Other officers were also injured in the attack, according to the Metropolitan Police.

Police shot and killed the three terrorists just eight minutes after the attack started. As of Sundaymorning, authorities had made 12 arrests in connection with the rampage, the Guardian reported.

Saturday’s violence comes two weeks after a suicide bomber in Manchester blew himself up at an Ariana Grande concert, killing 22 people and injuring more than 100 others.

Grande had been planning to perform Sunday night in Manchester for a charity concert.

Photo: Associated Press