BREAKING: Body of missing 12-year-old Naomi Jones found in suspected murder

Police announced that fishermen have found the body of Naomi Jones, a 12-year-old who disappeared from her Pensacola, Florida, home Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities said the grisly discovery was made just after 4 p.m. on Monday. According to WLTV, Jones’s body was found in Eight Mile Creek, approximately four miles from where she was reported missing days earlier.

Shantara Hurry, the girl’s mother, reportedly told police that her daughter vanished while walking the family dog. She said she doesn’t believe Jones ran away because she was a “mama’s girl” and never went anywhere without her cell phone.

“She walked out the door and I thought she was playing hide-and-seek with the kids,” Hurry told WEAR.

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the FBI is involved in the investigation, as the tween was considered endangered within a day of her disappearance.

Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan said that Jones’s case is now being investigated as a homicide, and authorities have identified multiple persons of interest.

However, Morgan declined to disclose how many suspects are involved in their ongoing investigation, according to Morgan also wouldn’t say whether anyone was in custody.

“I don’t care why, you killed one of my citizens, that’s all I care about,” a visibly upset Morgan said, responding to questions about a motive. “I will leave the why to the psychologists and the scriptwriters.”

“It’s a moment like this on life that I am reminded that life is completely and totally unfair. You can do everything right, and things still turn out wrong.”


[Featured Image: Escambia County Sheriff’s Office]