Police say daughter stabbed mother 70 times; ‘sawed’ her wrists: ‘Please tell me she is dead’

The mother’s skull was exposed from severe blows to the head

A newly-released police report revealed that a Nevada woman who stabbed her mother more than 70 times showed anything but remorse following the deadly incident.

As Crime Online reported earlier this month, Carly Kalbfleisch, 26, allegedly stabbed her mother, Rebecca Susan Kalbfleisch, 65, then called 911 to report the attack. The mother was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

A new report obtained by KNTV has provided additional details about what happened on that fateful afternoon.

Rebecca (pictured left) is said to have suffered more than 70 stab wounds on her stomach, upper extremities, and upper torso. The victim reportedly had large wounds on her wrists, which Henderson police believed were “sawed” with a knife.

The report also noted that the mother sustained a severe wound on her scalp that left her skull visible. Police suspected it was caused by being hit with a broken glass vase or paint can.

The report also alleged that Carly (pictured right) said “Please tell me she is dead” as officers arrested her. The 26-year-old also reportedly stated to detectives that she “just started hitting her mother and couldn’t stop” and asked whether she would get life in prison or the death penalty for killing her mother. She also requested a lawyer be present because she is bipolar, according to the Las Vegas News-Journal.

Carly was arrested in 2014 for battering Rebecca. At the time, she admitted to violently grabbing her mother’s arms to get her to put away two small barking dogs, according to a second report acquired by KNTV.

The Clark County Coroner’s Office determined that Rebecca died from multiple sharp and blunt force injuries. Her death was ruled a homicide, the News-Journal also reported.

Carly was arrested without incident shortly after the stabbing. She is being held in the Henderson Detention Center on an open murder charge.


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