Teens torture kitten to death while onlookers laugh, take video

Two Branson, Missouri, teens were charged with animal abuse after they allegedly taped themselves torturing a kitten to death.

The Branson Tri-Lakes News reported that Kyle Williams, 18, (pictured left) is accused of tying a rope around the cat’s neck and attaching it to a bumper. From there, Michael Hall, 18, (pictured right) reportedly drove the 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee while the cat ran until it couldn’t anymore.

The kitten died while running for its life.

In a report, the Branson Police Department described the cat as “healthy and scared” prior to the fatal dragging.

The paper, who obtained the video, wrote that the kitten was dragged for almost five minutes while people are heard laughing in the background. The car is said to have stopped twice then started moving after it was determined the cat was still alive. At one point in the video, someone can be heard saying “Keep going. Don’t stop. He’s almost dead.”

Williams is believed to have posted the disturbing incident on Facebook. Though the video was taken down a short time later, Williams supposedly posted an image of himself with the dead cat along with the caption “Try to guess how I killed my cat, bet you can’t.”

Williams told officers that he knew torturing the cat was “not right” but he decided to follow through with the act regardless.

KRZK reported that the video’s posting led authorities to Williams. Taney County Prosecutor Jeff Merrell told WRIC that additional individuals may face criminal charges in connection with last week’s incident.

The pair is charged with animal abuse, a class E felony, and felony armed criminal action. Williams, who was set to be arraigned on Monday, was removed from the courtroom for being disruptive. His arraignment was rescheduled for June 12.

Williams and Hall are being held in the Taney County Jail in lieu of $15,000 bond each.

[Featured Image: Taney County Jail]