‘Send them back to their own **** country’: Woman’s racist tirade in Sears caught on video

A woman was taped hurling a barrage of racist insults at a family and cashier in a New Brunswick, New Jersey, Sears.

Simoni Lovano, 27, told NJ.com that he recorded the woman making disparaging remarks to a Latino family and Indian cashier. Lovano claimed that the unidentified woman was upset because the line was long and the shoppers were using coupons. He pointed out that it took 20 minutes to process the family’s coupons.

While Lovano said he understood the woman’s frustration, he started recording when she began disparaging the customers.

WARNING: The following video features disturbing, explicit language

“Send them back to their own f**king country,” the disgruntled woman can be heard saying.

A man, not in frame, seemingly cheers the woman on with a Trump-inspired mantra, stating, “Let’s drain the swamp! Hurry up!”

She then doubles down, proclaiming, “You’ve got an Indian waiting on an Indian, that’s what it is.”

A customer points out that the family isn’t Indian. Later, another shopper repeatedly tells the woman, “That [their ethnicity] has nothing to do with anything.”

Near the end of the video, a man notes that the family and the cashier are Americans.

Levano said he didn’t understand why store employees didn’t kick the woman out during her offensive rant.

“She also questioned if they had green cards afterwards,” Lovano later wrote in a Facebook post, according to the New Brunswick Patch. “My blood was boiling.”

The Rutgers graduate student said he felt guilty for not stepping in. However, he hopes the video highlights that racism can appear in a “diverse area” like New Brunswick.

“This is not in the backwaters of Tennessee,” he told NJ.com. “This is here.”

[Feature Photo: YouTube/Simoni Lovano/screengrab]