Relentless stalker harassed ex-girlfriend for MONTHS — sent her a cow tongue, animal heart

For eight months, a Kent, England, man routinely harassed and stalked his ex-girlfriend — at one point sending her a cow tongue and animal heart.

Kent Live has reported that Danny Wells, 29, was first charged with stalking his ex-girlfriend in December 2016, but continued to torment the victim while out on bail.

In addition to stalking, Wells participated in what is known as revenge porn. He hacked his ex-girlfriend’s Facebook account and posted nude photos of her. He even sent these photos to her family. This netted him an additional criminal charge.

Even scarier? His ex-girlfriend has a young son. Wells took candid photos of him, and sent them to her, reportedly to prove that he was always watching her.

He also sent more than 100 abusive emails, in addition to the aforementioned cow tongue and animal heart.

Wells wasn’t done with her yet, however.

In 2017, she received letters from various funeral directors, after the stalker placed inquires in her name, according to Kent Online. Her car was also vandalized on several occasions, and someone smashed the window of her parents’ home.

The 29-year-old also logged into his ex-girlfriend’s online shopping account and made more than 20 purchases, including books titled Watching You and Appointment With Death.

Finally, due to the relentless and ongoing harassment, Wells was hit with an additional count of stalking, in April.

He pleaded guilty to all three charges and, on Friday, was sentenced to two years behind bars. The victim was also granted an indefinite restraining order against her former boyfriend.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Jacqueline Mennie called it “the worst example of stalking and harassment I have witnessed during my time as a police officer.”

She also expressed hope that his imprisonment will allow the victim to go on with her life.

“Danny Wells put his victim through hell and made her genuinely fear for her safety, to the point that she was almost constantly afraid that he was watching her and planning to cause her harm,” she told Kent Live.

“She deserves a tremendous amount of credit for having the courage to not only report these offenses to us, but also for refusing to allow Wells’ sickening actions to consume her.”

[Featured Image: Kent Police]