‘Tot mom’ Casey Anthony’s parents may lose home where Caylee Anthony once lived

Casey Anthony’s parents could lose their house, after allegedly failing to make a mortgage payment in more than six years.

Court documents obtained by TMZ reveal that Cynthia and George Anthony owe more than $128,000, plus interest, on their Orange County, Florida, home. The foreclosure complaint states that they failed to meet the terms of their loan modification agreement by missing a payment on January 1, 2011. The financially strapped Anthonys also missed dozens of payments before that.

The duo’s mortgage clocks in at $765.82 each month, according to Radar Online. They have since acknowledged that they have received the foreclosure notification.

This is the home where daughter Casey and granddaughter Caylee lived when the 2-year-old vanished, in July 2008, according to Orlando Sentinel. Her remains were recovered near the residence, several months later. Casey Anthony, now 31, was acquitted in her daughter’s death in July 2011.

The Anthonys bought the 1,472-square-foot house in 1989 for $90,000. The 4-bedroom home is currently listed on real estate site Zillow.com at $190,000. However, the bank could sell the home at a discounted foreclosure price, according to Daily Mail.

This is the third time that the Florida residence was placed in limbo. Nationstar Mortgage LLC first filed foreclosure documents in November 2013. Bank of America also started foreclosure proceedings in February 2010, but the case was dismissed in September 2010, according to HLN. Now, U.S. Bank has made a move to get the house back.

TMZ has also reported that Cynthia Anthony is listed as the owner, and the one who originally received the mortgage loan, meaning that the banks will go after her, and not her husband.

[Featured Image: AP Photo/Pool, Red Huber]