Petal pusher: Woman brazenly steals flowers from AMPUTEE’S porch as tot watches

A Wisconsin woman was recorded stealing flowers from the front porch of a man who recently had part of his leg amputated.

The brief video, obtained by WISN, captured an unknown woman running to the porch and taking a flower pot. The man’s caregiver noted that a child walked up toward the residence, mere seconds after the woman picked up the planter. It has been indicated that the child was with the unidentified woman, and was forced to witness the callous theft.

This incident did not go over well with the poor homeowner, according to his caregiver.

“He was upset because he always plants flowers and couldn’t, so I planted a bunch of flowers for him,” she told the station. “We can’t even put flowers out on our porch in broad daylight without a female with a child with her coming up and stealing plants.”

Unbelievably, West Allis police were in the area less than one minute before the woman carried out the heist. They can be seen driving by the home in the above video.

Though the planter only cost $20, the caregiver expressed concern that this incident could become the first of many.

“It’s about the neighborhood and what these kids are learning from their parents,” the caregiver said. “Are they going to come up next and take our grill, or our bike, or just decide to walk in the house?”

The homeowner does not wish to be identified. WISN has noted that he did file a police report, however.

[Featured Image: WISN Video Screengrab]