‘Adultery and misdeeds’: Wife alleges WWE superstar walked out on their two daughters to continue scandalous affair with former wrestler

World Wrestling Entertainment performer Bray Wyatt’s wife has filed for divorce, after accusing him of walking out on the family to continue an affair with another wrestler, Jojo Offerman.

Daily Mail has reported that Samantha Rotunda recently filed to end the marriage after five years. Though Rotunda doesn’t name Bray Wyatt’s mistress by name, her lawyer is said to have identified the mystery woman as the former WWE Diva and current ring announcer Offerman.

In his counter-petition, Bray Wyatt, whose legal name is Windham Rotunda, is reported to have attempted a gag order, to keep his wife quiet about the impending split. The petition claims that his estranged wife is determined on ruining his reputation and defaming him on social media, in an effort to ruin future business opportunities.

“As you know, these cases involve the private lives of the participants and sometimes unpleasant disputes. I would ask that you respect the privacy of both litigants in this matter and I have no other comments to make,” Windham’s attorney, Jim Knox, told Daily Mail.

Samantha Windham, 31, alleged they separated in March after the wrestler, 30, walked out on her and their two young daughters.

Despite that transgression, her lawyer, Ray Rafool, has suggested his client hopes that this divorce is handled “amicably and as soon as possible,” so that she and her kids can move on with their lives.

Rafool has issued a statement on the split, accusing the WWE superstar of “media gaming.”

“It is a shame that the husband would make such false claims and attempt such media gaming. Mrs. Rotunda will prove her husband’s allegations and claims are nothing more than a media ploy and endeavor to create an offense to defend his adultery and misdeeds.”

Samantha Rotunda has requested child support, alimony, and to keep the marital home. She is also seeking majority custody of their two daughters

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