Burger King beat down: Out-of-control customer goes on racist rant before getting beaten, tasered by fed-up employees

A video showing a brawl between Burger King employees and an unruly customer has gone viral in a big way.

The footage, which was shot in a Houston, Texas, Burger King, starts with a man yelling and knocking a whole spate of items off of the front counter.

His rant borders on incomprehensible, but at one point he can be heard saying something that sounds like “spray that s**t n*gger.”

After that, things get violent, when the unnamed man pushes an employee. That was the last straw for these fast food workers.

“You ain’t got s**t on me motherf**ker,” the man says, before getting punched hard in the face, twice, by the same employee. He quickly falls to the floor, after receiving the two blows.

That’s when the Taser is brought out.

A Taser-wielding employee comes in from the back and shocks the man multiple times, picking him up and, quite literally, shocking him out of the restaurant. A patron slaps the man as he’s being kicked out.

The man appears confused, before finally leaving, asking the workers why they are treating him this way.

This isn’t the first time these same Burger King employees have encountered this nightmare patron. According to KTRK, an eyewitness saw the same man come in earlier, spitting verbal abuse at the staff.

Burger King workers didn’t break out the Taser during the previous altercation, but he was pepper sprayed until he left.

The man has yet to be identified. It is unclear whether police got involved.

[Featured Image: YouTube/screengrab]