Absolute horror: Father allegedly makes his infant daughter endure WEEKS of cruelty, throwing fireworks in her face and burning her with hot water

A Minnesota man has been accused of rubbing cayenne pepper and hot sauce into his 2-month-old daughter’s eyes, hurling fireworks at her face and, even, stopping her from breathing until she turned blue. This was all part of nearly two full months of horrific child abuse, according KXAN.

Shawn Michael Foltz, 31, has also been accused of burning the poor infant by spraying her with hot water and snapping her with a towel, according to the criminal complaint, as reported by WDAY.

The Moorhead Police Department has stated that the child’s mother brought her into the hospital on May 31. She suffered from a range of horrific injuries, including two bruised eyes, a bruise on her left shoulder and unexplained red marks all over her body. The girl’s mother told police officers that Foltz claimed the injuries were caused by their 3-year-old son hitting her with a toy gun, according to KFGO.

Foltz was allegedly watching their two children the night before she was brought to the hospital. He sent the girl’s mother a picture of the baby with swollen eyes and a foaming mouth. The accused said that the baby was fine and that she looked worse in pictures, according to court documents acquired by KVLY.

The abuse wasn’t just a one time thing, according to police. Foltz is being accused of carrying out this cruelty from about April 10 until May 30. Thus far, he has admitted to pushing down hard on his daughter’s chest and using a wet towel to “snap” the baby in the face. He has also admitted to striking her on the bottom with a wooden spoon and a piece of vinyl flooring.

According to the criminal complaint, Foltz actually said that he would waste time at work by thinking of different ways to hurt his innocent 2-month-old daughter.

Foltz is being charged with neglect of a child, malicious punishment of a child, and two counts of third-degree assault—all felonies. He is being held in Clay County Jail on a $100,000 bond.

[Featured Image: Clay County Jail]