Father and daughter repeatedly rape 6-year-old child together: Police

Police believe there could be several more child victims

A Florida woman says she watched her father repeatedly rape a 6-year-old girl and even played a role in the assaults.

Melissa Deloach, 28, has been charged with capital sexual battery and is being held in jail without bond, the Miami Herald reports.

Deloach made the admission while investigators were interviewing her about related allegations against her father.

The woman told police that not only was she in the same room when the assaults happened, but that she “actively participated” in them, court records show.

Deloach reportedly said the assaults occurred “fix or six times.”

Officers arrested the father, 56-year-old Euel Deloach Jr., in February following allegations that he had been abusing the girl. He has been charged with six counts of sexual battery on a child less than 12 years of age.

Police have since identified a second victim and believe more could be out there, according to the newspaper.

The relationship that Melissa and Euel Deloach had with the victims is not clear, but Euel knew both of the girls, police say.

Euel allegedly told the first victim not to say anything about the abuse and he denied the allegations when confronted by authorities.

The second victim told investigators that she and Euel had sex multiple times between 2007 and 2013 while she was a minor. The victim said she was addicted to heroin and that Euel would “proposition her for sex with money to buy drugs,” the Bradenton Herald reports.

The second victim also said she had witnessed Euel rape the other victim when that girl was just 5 years old, according to the newspaper.

Anyone with information about Melissa and Euel Deloach or who knows of additional victims can call the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office at 941-747-3011.


Feature Photo: Manatee County Sheriff’s Office