‘Ferocity and hatred’: Colorado man beat his 84-year-old grandfather to death over an argument about what to have for dinner

A Colorado court has convicted Jason Vanbommel, 34, of beating his grandfather to death, during a dispute about what to eat for dinner, and a judge has sentenced him to 72 years in prison, according to KDVR.

Vanbommel mercilessly attacked his grandfather, Frans Vanbommel, 84, on December 29, 2015. Court documents state that the attack began after Frans told Jason to be more respectful of his grandmother, when he complained about eating shrimp for dinner. That was enough for Jason to fly into a rage, hurling profanities and launching into a deadly assault.

Jason Vanbommel delivered full-force punches to his grandfather’s head. After falling to the floor, Jason repeatedly kicked the 84-year-old in the torso, fracturing his ribs. After the brutal attack, the 34-year-old exited the home, allowing for someone to place a call to 911.

Frans was rushed to the hospital and died from his injuries on January 6, according to The Denver Post.

“The Vanbommels were an American success story. They came from difficult circumstances and created a home for themselves in this great country,” Chief Deputy District Attorney Brian Sugioka told the court.

“For Frans Vanbommel to be repaid with this ferocity and hatred is inconceivable.”

Arapahoe District Judge Phillip Douglass told the court that the 34-year-old showed no signs of remorse during the trial and actually appeared spiteful during sentencing.

“This horrific crime…all because your grandfather told you not to yell at your grandmother,” Judge Douglass addressed the felon. “There is not room in a civilized society for those who would think this is acceptable.”

Vanbommel was convicted of reckless manslaughter and first-degree assault of an at-risk adult in April. His sentence was enhanced because the court deemed him a habitual offender.

District Attorney George H. Brauchler said, “This was an especially egregious case, and this defendant who victimized his grandfather is going where he deserves to be: in prison for a very long time.”

[Featured Image: Office of the District Attorney, 18th Judicial District]