Monster drugged, raped half a dozen children and performed illegal abortion on a SIXTH GRADER: Police

A Wisconsin man is accused of brutally raping and abusing six children, including one girl in sixth grade who was forced to have two abortions.

Matthew Christenson, 33, faces 14 felony charges of sexual assault and child abuse. A judge bound him over for trial on Friday, WJFW-TV reports.

Police say Christenson would get children drunk or high on marijuana and then abuse them sexually and physically.

Christenson allegedly twice impregnated one victim — who was in sixth grade at the time — and forced her to abort the fetuses. He brought her to New Mexico to get the first abortion, and allegedly performed the second abortion himself, according to court records.

Another victim told investigators that Christenson raped her more than a hundred times since she was in seventh or eighth grade.

A third victim said Christenson got her so drunk that she passed out, and that when she came to, he had his hand over her mouth and was raping her on a picnic table while camping.

Because the victims are minors, there is little public information about them or their relationship with Christenson. But according to Wisconsin court records, the suspect is facing an incest charge, indicating at least one of the victims may have been a blood relative.

Christenson allegedly would slap victims in the face if they didn’t agree to sex; he also is accused of threatening the children that if they told anyone, he would find them when he got out of jail.

Christenson allegedly told one victim that he wanted the minor to be his spouse.

A male victim told police that Christenson had locked him in a closet during one weekend and fed him only a potato. Forest County Sheriff’s Captain Jeff Marvin said the victim also told him that Christenson would physically abuse him with objects such as fire pokers and bullwhips.

“He was hit in the head with a crescent wrench while he was doing dishes, which knocked him right out, cutting his head,” Marvin said at a court hearing Friday.

“He said he was bleeding profusely. When he came to, he was made to clean the blood up off the floor.”

All told, the victims’ ages were between 12 and 17.

Christenson faces up to 454 years behind bars if convicted on all charges. He has pleaded not guilty and is in jail on a $75,000 bond while the prosecution proceeds.


Photo: Forest County Sheriff