Father’s Day tragedy: Suspect allegedly shot and killed his own son during a ‘heated’ argument, leaving behind 18 grieving children

Police have arrested a Detroit, Michigan, man, accusing him of shooting and killing his own son.

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office have alleged that the murder occurred after Karleton Wright, 50, and his son, Eric Hatchett, 36, got into a “heated” argument at the elder’s automobile repair shop. Prosecutors have stated that Hatchett (pictured left) struck his father in his face, resulting in Wright pulling out a gun and fatally shooting his son, according to The Detroit News.

Wright drove Hatchett to an area hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. Authorities have yet to disclose what the men were arguing about.

The tragedy deepens, as the victim has 18 children of his own, 9 boys and 9 girls, leaving them without a father.

Hatchett’s mother, Sandra Beavers, told WXYZ that Wright abandoned their son when he was just a baby, and they had been estranged for many years. The two only recently reconnected and had begun working together at the suspect’s automobile repair shop.

“I never had a clue that there was still any tension. I thought they were getting along fine,” the grieving mother told reporters.

“For a man to kill his own son…somebody that you gave life to, even though they said back in the day ‘I give you life I can take your life,'” Beavers continued. “That’s just a sin. That ain’t something that you’re really supposed to do.”

The 50-year-old was arraigned on second-degree murder and felony firearm charges on Wednesday. He is being held without bond.

[Featured Image: WXYZ/screengrab]