‘That little boy’s face was gone’: Loose pit bull repeatedly mauls two kids strapped in car seats

Two Lancaster, Pennsylvania, children are reportedly in serious but stable condition following a dog attack on Monday afternoon.

The 66-pound pit bull terrier broke through a fence, jumped into the minivan, and attacked a 5-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl—who were strapped in car seats at the time. Police told Lancaster Online that their mother and several Good Samaritans successfully got the dog away from the kids.

Authorities said the minivan was parked behind their home when the attack occurred.

Witnesses to the horrific ordeal claimed the boy was covered in blood.

“The dog just wanted blood,” a woman who helped get the dog away from the kids told WHTM. “It did not want anything other than to attack. It was not barking, not growling, just attacking.”

“The little boy’s face was gone.”

Another witness told WPMT that it was raining, which made it easier for the slippery dog to jump back on the boy several times and continue the attack. However, the dog’s owner secured their pet by the time officers arrived.

The mother drove the children to Lancaster General Hospital but due to the severity of their injuries were transported to Hershey Medical Center, according to police. The mother, who police declined to identify, was treated for minor scratches.

Lancaster Police Department Lt. Bill Hickey said the dog’s owner is currently cooperating with authorities.

“The identity of the dog owner is not being released as no charges have been filed,” Lt. Hickey told Lancaster Online. “The dog is currently quarantined.”